Where is the Best Place to Put Living Room Shelves?

Living room shelves are not just functional - they also add character and life to one of the most trafficked rooms in the house. Deciding where to put the shelves can be a tough decision, but around the TV may be the best.


Since your TV is generally centered in the living room to increase the view, putting shelves there to enhance the room and organize equipment makes sense. Having shelves here also means that furniture won't need to be moved and views won't be blocked


Because most of the media equipment is around the TV, it makes sense to build shelves here. Having shelves here can help organize DVDs, VHSs, CDs, as well as books or knick-knacks.


Most often the TV area draws the most attention when people walk into a room. Putting shelves here will not only show off your organizational skills, but also give a little insight into who you are. With DVDs neatly lined up and pictures from the last family vacation below, the shelves not only hold what you watch but who you are.