Where To Add An Awning

Adding an awning to any window or door will give your home a touch of beauty while helping to protect it against the elements. There are many places you can add awnings, and for different purposes. Here are a few places you can add awnings, and the benefits they can bring.

Above Stairs

If you have outdoor stairs that lead to an entryway, this is a great place to add an awning. An awning added to stairs will protect the stairs from rain and snow. This is a benefit in that it will prevent icy build up that can become dangerous. It will also make it much nicer for you and guests to get in and out of your home during bad weather. You won’t have to worry about fumbling for keys during a rainstorm.

Doorways and Entries

Even if you don’t have stairs adding an awning above your doors will give you the same benefits as listed above. A doorway is a place where people will try to find last minute items like keys, check to ensure they have wallets and other necessities, and having an awning can make this more comfortable since it will protect against the elements.

Above Windows

Adding awnings to windows will not only add a decorative touch to your home, but will help to protect your personal belongings. Windows tend to absorb heat through the glass and release it back in to your home. They will do the same thing with frigid air. An awning can help save you money on your energy bills by cutting back on this wasted energy. It will also protect your windows from damage due to excessive rain.

If you’ve ever seen rugs or furniture fade when placed near a window, then you can see another benefit of adding an awning to a window. The sun produces UV rays that will damage items left near windows. To protect priceless furniture, rugs, and other items near windows install an awning to cut back on the damaging UV rays.

Porches and Patios

Porches and patios are designed to be an extension of your home. The space should be comfortable and inviting. Adding an awning can help to create a wonderfully shaded space that is perfect for entertaining crowds or just relaxing in the evening. Retractable awnings are popular choices for porches and patios as they allow you to control when it’s open. This is a nice feature if you want to enjoy the sky but would still like an awning to protect you during the scorching heat.

Recreational Vehicles

Another popular place to place an awning is on the side of an RV. Anyone who travels often in an RV will see the benefit in a retractable awning attached to the side of the vehicle. It can create a portable porch wherever you travel.