Where to Build a Smoking Room In Your Home Where to Build a Smoking Room In Your Home

Choosing the location of your smoking room will depend on a few factors, but these factors are necessary so that the smoke does not escape to other parts of the house and those who do not wish to be in the smoking room will not have to travel through it. Follow these tips when choosing the location to build your smoking room in your home.

The Room Must Be Sealed

The room should not have any types of draft or leaks so that smoke can escape to other parts of the house. This means that it should not have any ventilation or heating systems.

Everything Stays in the Room

Any furniture, appliances, cords or anything that will be in the smoking room when you start using it should stay in that room. This is because whatever will be in the room for a certain amount of time will permanently smell of smoke and moving it to another part of your house will bring the smell of smoke with it. Also, items such as appliances and cords, will be marked by smoke. These types of things should be chosen specifically for that room.

Build the Room Near a Bathroom

If you are able to build your smoke room near a bathroom then smokers will be able to scrub up before they move to other parts of your house.

Post a Sign

Make a sign to warn others that a smoke room is present. That way others can avoid going into the smoke room no matter where the location is.

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