Where to Find a Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock

A keyless entry deadbolt lock makes your home much safer while saving you both money and time lost on replacement keys. A vast range of suppliers offer keyless entry door lock styles. Here are some suggestions about where to find keyless locks for your home.  

Consider Your Security Needs and Budget

If you have several entries to your home plus a garage, you might want to consider a biometric type of keyless entry deadbolt lock. These have no combinations to remember, and the fingerprints of your family members cannot be duplicated in any material. For a home with only one or two keyed entries, a mechanical or digital keyless entry will probably suffice. Many types of keyless entry locks are now available for close to $100. Watch out, U.S. Locks that are cheaper than this may not be weather-resistant, or may just serve as backup to a key lock, which means they are still subject to tampering.

Lock Manufacturers

All leading lock manufacturers around the world now make and sell keyless entry deadbolt locks. Most keyless door locks that use a pushbutton or digital system are an effective deterrent to thieves who cannot use lock picking or lock bumping techniques to break into your home. Some makers provide online tutorials and technical support to show you how to install the keyless entry lock yourself.


Check with locksmiths in your area to find out which keyless entry deadbolt locks they carry. Some locksmiths specialize in certain brands because they trust their reliability. Others carry a wide range to serve their customers at every price point.

Door Manufacturers

Many makers of fine-quality home entry doors now offer keyless entry deadbolt locks as part of their value-added sales and service. They will come to your home, install the new door and the new lock, and offer you a warranty on both.

Hardware and Building Supply Stores

These are the most traditional outlets in which people buy door locks and home security devices. The large national chains carry a wide selection of keyless entry door locks by global manufacturers, and may add their own warranty to the maker's.


Visit online retailers who offer reviews of several products by many makers. These will help you decide on the type and quality of lock you want to buy, and you may get a great value by purchasing online.

Many manufacturers will also sell direct to customers online. You can find the latest models this way, and possibly get a big discount on still-reliable models that have been replaced by newer upgrades. Manufacturers sometimes offer customers longer-term warranties when they buy direct online.

When looking for a keyless entry deadbolt lock, shop around and compare all the features, including the cost of installation and post-purchase service. Invest the money to have the lock installed properly by a qualified locksmith, familiar with the manufacturer's product. The security of your family and property justifies this minimal extra cost.