Where to Implement a Trough Drain Where to Implement a Trough Drain

If you are considering a trough drain in your next project you may need a little bit of knowledge on where you should implement it as well as why you need it in that area. Here is some information that can help you with this decision process.


One way to implement a trough drain is in the shower. Basically the reason why you would need this type of drain in the shower is if you wanted to have no shower curb or threshold. If this is something that you are considering, you will want to make the shower so that it slopes slightly toward one wall where the trough drain is. Typically you will want it to slope towards the wet wall so that it will not flow out of the shower and onto your floor if there were plumbing problems. One thing though that you will want to consider if this is something you like for your shower is a membrane. Many simple and straight up trough drains do not connect to a membrane and if you are considering many designs options, some of them deem a membrane necessary.

Deck or Pool Area

If you have a pool area in your home either inside or out or your deck and patio connects to the pool you may want to consider a trough drain for that area to help with the water. The reason for this is because if an in-ground pool overflows or you have a lot of movement in and out of the pool and water is everywhere, you will need a trough drain to help keep the water away from the lawn or any other fixtures that you have around the area. Pool water can harm grass if too much is allowed on it or if you have a house or garage near your pool you will want to protect it and keep water out.


A basement is an excellent place to consider a trough drain especially if it is unfinished and tends to get water a lot. You will want to have the trough drain near the water source or where the water comes in the most. This may be harder to install than in the shower or on the deck however it will definitely be worth any time or money put into it.

Outside the Home

If you are experiencing water in the home or basement you will want to implement a trough drain outside so that you can keep it from getting in. It is much easier to install a drain outside and help to prevent water from getting in than to wait until it gets in to clean it out and fix everything.

Each on of these areas can use a trough drain and will all benefit from one. You can look on line or even ask at a local hardware store what size drain is best for the area as well as how to install it.

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