Where to Place a Bathroom Heater Fan

bathroom electric wall heater

A bathroom heater fan can make a tremendous difference when you step out of the shower. Bathroom heaters come in a wide variety of styles. There are several places where the bathroom heater can be installed so that it can effectively keep your space nice and toasty.

Ceiling Mount

It is common for bathroom heater fans to be ceiling-mounted. This device is controlled with a switch; it gives off heat that is circulated around the room. Some models include a bathroom light.

The usual placement is in the ceiling just outside the shower or near the toilet; however, it depends on the size of your bathroom and where you want it to go.

Wall Mount

Another common bathroom heater fan is the wall-mounted model. This is more of a bathroom heater than anything else, but it does give off a great amount of heat. They are usually installed near the door, under a window, or on the same wall as the shower.

The even heat is controlled by a switch on the unit. Unlike some bathroom heater fans, you can also set the temperature you would like.

Baseboard Heater Fan

In some bathrooms, you may be limited in space. If that is the case, you can use a baseboard heater fan. They are different from baseboard heaters in that they circulate the heat instead of radiating it.

They install as a part of the baseboard and can blend into the wall. This type of heating fan is operated manually with digital settings.

Window Heater Fan

Homeowners also have the option of placing a bathroom heater fan in the window. This window heater draws-in heat from the outside. They sit in the window frame and are operated manually by a switch.

Countertop Bathroom Fan

A final option is to place your bathroom heater fan on your countertop. These portable heater fans will heat the room quickly. They have several options including temperature setting and timer settings.