Where to Plant a Red Twig Dogwood

The Red Twig Dogwood is a popular shrub which can grow, unbounded, to reach heights of ten feet. Red twig dogwood produces small white blossoms in early spring which transform into white berries, which are a popular snack for birds. The shrub earns its name from the color of its bark in winter, when the stems of the shrub turn red.

When pruned on a yearly basis, this plant can be trained to take an array of forms and makes a charming garden shrub. You may also consider using the shrub as garden border or accent against an established tree.

The red twig dogwood may be planted as a single decorative entity or alongside several other dogwoods as a privacy hedge. Plant the shrub in a sunny area. The red twig dogwood thrives in full sun but may adapt to partial shade. In general, all dogwoods prefer slightly acidic soil. You don’t have to amend your soil before planting, but avoid planting the shrub in basic soil. This shrub thrives in well drained and high nutrient soil, and it also benefits from biennial mulching.