Where to Set Up an Aquaponics System at Home Where to Set Up an Aquaponics System at Home

The benefit of setting up an aquaponics system is that it is efficient and environmentally friendly. Waste products from fish can be used as fertilizers by flowers or vegetables. Fish which thrive in such a system include tilapia, silver perch, jade perch and cold water fish. Ornamental fish such as goldfish can be used for aesthetic purposes.

Aquaponics in Living Rooms

Small living spaces can have an aquaponics system set up in a living room. It is advisable to get one that is proportional to the size of the living room so as to have all other items fit comfortably in the area. The best type of fish to use includes ornamental fish as they are beautiful and add aesthetic value to the home.

Backyards Aquaponics

An aquaponics system can be set in a backyard, too. It is best to have its size proportional to the size of the land available. Outside aquaponics can be set up either for aesthetic value or consumption. Large sized ornamental fish suit well with outside aquaponics.

Managing Aquaponics

Take in consideration climatic conditions in the area before selecting fish to rear in the system. This makes them thrive in their new environment. Wastes from the system can be used as fertilizer in flower or vegetable gardens.

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