Where to Use Foam Insulation Sheets

Foam insulation sheets are commonly used as an effective insulation material against cold, heat and moisture. It also acts as a good sound barrier because it effectively absorbs sound coming from any direction. Usually, this type of insulation is used in areas where space is limited, especially in new constructions where space is maximized for office use or commercial use. It can also be used as an effective insulation for residential purposes. Here are some areas where foam insulation sheets can be used.

The Walls

There are a number of areas inside a home where these materials can be installed. Since these sheets are manufactured to provide insulation from extreme temperatures, they are usually installed on the walls. These sheets protect the interior of the home from extreme temperatures outside, especially during winter and summer. But, it is important to install a device or structure that will allow vapor to escape, since vapor may build up inside a home and condense to form water.

The Attic, Roof or Ceiling

Insulation sheets can be installed in the attic, under the roof or the ceiling. During hot summer days, the attic or the roof tends to get so hot and thus heat up the whole interior of the home. To prevent this, foam installation sheets can be installed to provide effective insulation from the heat of the sun. It also helps protect the home from extremely cold temperature during winter season.

The Floor

The floor is also a good candidate for foam insulation sheets. Since floors tend to become so cold, it is best to provide it with some sort of insulation. Children’s play areas may also be installed with these materials to provide a soft surface where they can play safely. Hard concrete floors may not be safe for children especially when adults are not on the watch.

The Basement

The basement is usually a breeding ground for molds, especially in places where the humidity is quite high. During the rainy seasons, water seeps into the walls and into the basement. To insulate the basement from any type of moisture, the easiest, yet most effective way to do it is to install foam insulation sheets on the walls. Manufacturers of this type of insulation materials make it easy for homeowners to install them without hiring professionals.

Recording Studios

Commercial recording studios or home recording studios need some type of insulation and these sheets offer good sound insulation as well. Jam rooms or band practice rooms may also be installed with foam insulation sheets to avoid the sound from escaping the room and causing public disturbance.

Other Commercial Areas

Even other types of commercial areas, such as bars, cinemas, and theaters can be installed with this type of insulation material. Since these areas sometimes become so noisy, they cab disturb the surrounding area. Apart from the insulation provided by concrete walls, foam insulation sheets add more sound insulation to prevent noise from scattering outside the venue.