Where to Use Silk Floor Plants for the Office Where to Use Silk Floor Plants for the Office

It is a known fact that a good working environment can increase employee productivity, so why not add a silk floor plant to make your office look warm and inviting? The advantage of artificial plants is that they require minimum maintenance and are long lasting when compared to real plants. Furthermore they add a touch of creativity and class to any office or corridor.

Define a Style

For any particular office, common room or even a reception area, you should define a particular style of plants. If you opt for an Asian décor, you could purchase artificial bonsai plants or bamboo maples. If you want a more modern décor you should purchase silk plants that have long defined foliage with slender shapes. 

Choose Plant Size Based on Space

Always choose plant size and bushiness based on the size available in your office or room. A huge plant will overpower a small office. The same applies for a business table. Tall plants should never be used on a table around which people meet. For this scenario short silk ferns or even some small artificial cacti should do the trick. Large plants should be kept against a wall, so as not to over empower a room. They can also be placed in corners.

On the other hand small plants should never be used in massive office rooms or halls. They would appear to be futile or useless, lost in such a large space.

Combine Differently Sized Plants of the Same Style

To add a touch of contrast why not alternate the sizes of silk floor plants? You could place some smaller plants on a window ledge or on stands, while larger ones would be placed on the floor next to them. Always remember to keep the same style, despite varying the size of the plants. This would give a dynamic display of the different array of silk plants. Combining hanging plants with other free-standing plants is also an option. Placing silk plants on a small desk or coffee table will visually increase the width of that piece of furniture. It is a technique that if used properly would work wonders.

Be Innovative

Be creative and innovative when placing your silk floor plants. You could add some artificial ferns to the bathrooms of your workplace, which will create a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere. You could also add the odd small silk plant to your étagère as a book holder.

Silk floor plants can be bought from any floral boutique. Nowadays the abundance of options is nearly infinite and you are bound to find a whole section of artificial plants in any good plant shop. If you do not have any floral boutiques close to your home or workplace you can always purchase them online. Always order from trustworthy sites that guarantee a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with your product. If you do find a reliable site, purchasing silk plants online and browsing through the countless types and sizes of plants can be quite fun.


When decorating your office with artificial plants always try to create a sense of symmetry and balance on either side of the room, as symmetry in itself is aesthetically pleasing. However, do not go overboard; there is a limit to how many silk floor plants an office room can take.

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