Where to Utilize a Flexible Drill Where to Utilize a Flexible Drill

A flexible drill is a great tool that not many see the point in owning. A flexible drill has an attachment that can bend as well as expand. One issue that people see with using a flexible drill is that they figure the drill bit will also move and wobble, making the drill bit unstable and useless. This is not the case as the nozzle of the flexible drill will lock in place allowing the mechanics inside to function as it normally would. You will not use a flexible drill in every situation that you will encounter but there are some projects where they are invaluable. The following article will share those projects with you.

Shelving Installation

Creating custom shelves for anywhere in the home is a chore. Building shelves is probably one of the easiest projects you can take on by yourself but installing them is usually a matter of logistics. The premise is simple enough but trying to maneuver a drill in those cramped areas will be as difficult as it is frustrating. A flexible drill is the right tool for these projects because you will be able to determine where the screws or nails need to go and then have the flexible drill in hand to create the pilot holes. You will also be able to use the drill, with the correct attachment, to secure screws.

Car Repairs

A flexible drill does not only make holes. Like most drills you can add a bit which will allow you to install or remove standard screws. When you are working on your car you will notice that screws are located in the strangest of areas. When taking apart the console, working on headlights or removing things from under the car you will find that getting at the screws is difficult. A flexible drill with a screwdriver attachment will make it very easy to remove the screws as well as put them back.

Wall Mounting

As technology improves, electronics such as televisions are getting smaller and smaller. They are also becoming lighter which means being able to hang them on walls at the studs. Putting a flat screen TV on a wall is very popular. One of the major problems with doing so is that hanging the hardware is somewhat of a challenge due to installing enough screws to secure it. Leaving out screws will cause the hardware and equipment to be unstable. Using a flexible drill will allow you to be able to make enough pilot holes and to install the hardware (and adjust it) without cutting any corners.


If you are a very handy person and you want to build some new walls you will need to do some framing work. This will require making headers, footers and studs and attaching everything to the ceiling and the floor. This is not that hard to do because the design of the frames has not changed in decades. The one problem you will face is affixing the frame to the joists in the ceiling. Using a flexible drill will make this job much easier.

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