Where to Utilize Electric Door Locks Where to Utilize Electric Door Locks

Electric door locks are also known as power door locks and tend to work through a central locking system. Each door can be unlocked by itself or all the doors can be unlocked at the same time. The first electric locks were used in 1914 but these did not begin to be used extensively, mainly in luxury vehicles, until the 1950s. These are frequently used with remote keyless systems. A remote control will send a specific radio frequency to the car that will unlock one or all of the doors. Almost all new vehicles will come with some sort of electronic lock. Some of the newest systems also provide electronic locking and electronic ignition systems. These come with 2 types of signals. When the door is unlocked the horn will honk or lights can flash briefly. This is to show the driver that the door or doors have been locked or unlocked.

Single Door

These doors contain only a single point of control at the driver’s door. In this case only the driver’s door will unlock when the button is pushed. Many times this function can be combined with others. This is perfect for those that may live in areas that are dangerous and do not want all the doors opened when they unlock the door. In this case the single door actuator will actually unlock the door. There are some single door locks that are controlled by a body controller. Vehicles that only have 1 or 2 doors will utilize this system. Additionally, this can be used for a car that does not have electronic locks but a complete system may be too expensive or difficult to install.

All Doors

A more complex system that can unlock all the doors or some of the doors at once is perfect for those drivers who have children. With only one click of the key all the doors will unlock. You no longer need to worry about children going off while you only open one door at a time and instead get everyone into the car at once. This is perfect for minivans and SUVs that have a lot of doors. If you only have two doors, this may not be the best system for the vehicle.


An electric lock on the trunk is very convenient. Particularly if you find yourself with your hands full frequently. Instead of having to put all your packages down, fish your keys out of your pocket or purse, just unlock the trunk and have it open automatically. Most cars come with this function automatically though it is not found in older cars. Of almost any of the electronic locks this is one of the most popular.

Complete System

For those that are interested in a complete power system then electric locks and electric windows are a must. It is possible to install a complete power kit though the wiring can be very complicated. This is not recommended as a do it yourself project unless you have extensive knowledge about the car’s electrical system and wiring. An electronic system makes unlocking the doors and trunk very easy and convenient. There are several different options for such systems. There are combination locks and remote keyless systems. Determine which is best for your vehicle and needs.

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