Where Vapor Barrier Insulation is Necessary Where Vapor Barrier Insulation is Necessary

Vapor barrier insulation can help have you a lot of money on your home in heating costs and also potential mold, mildew and rot. It acts as a barrier against excess moisture. The climate where you live will be  the deciding factor on whether you should invest in this insulation or not.

What It Does

When the colder months roll around moisture from the inside of your house will travel to the outside through the walls. Sometimes it will even condense within the walls causing mildew, mold, or rot. It can even freeze within your walls and thaw in warmer weather causing stains or damage to walls and ceilings. Vapor barrier on your insulation is designed to keep the moisture in your home and not in your walls. Roll insulation comes with a vapor barrier already on it. So chances are if you have a new home you already have it.

When You Need It

Homes that are located in areas where it stays above freezing all winter do not need to have the vapor barrier on the insulation. It is not a bad thing if you live in these areas and have vapor insulation, it just isn't necessary. But living in an area that gets below freezing you definitely should have vapor barrier.


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