Which Concrete Coatings are Best for Outdoor Surfaces?

Whether installing a new driveway or fixing up a patio, there are several types of concrete coatings to consider.


If outdoor concrete is stained, has surface cracks or simply needs an upgrade, concrete overlays are a great alternative to replacement. They cover existing imperfections while adding the options of color, patterns and texture.

Overlays are inexpensive and their polymer resins are resistant to wear. They last in all climates and resist damage from abrasion, salt, chemicals and UV exposure.


Staining uses permanent, flake free colorings that can be applied to new or existing concrete surfaces and offer multiple coloring options. They do well on covered patios but have a tendency to wear in high traffic areas. Ideally, they need to be protected by an epoxy or resin seal.

Staining will not cover existing imperfections.


Polishing can be done to new and old concrete surfaces. Polished concrete is ground to a high gloss finish and has a similar appearance to polished stone. It dulls over time but is durable, and can be stained for added protection.