Which Deck Sealer Works the Best? Which Deck Sealer Works the Best?

There are many types of deck sealers available in the market. Each is manufactured using different chemicals and the formulation makes them function differently. With so many different types of brands available today, it is important to choose the best material for proper home usage. There are two main categories of deck sealers, oil and water based sealers.

Oil Deck Sealers as Coatings

Oil sealers are formulated to function as coatings. Some oil based deck sealers are formulated to perform both functions. For pure coatings, they lie at the top surface when applied on wood. Pure oil deck sealers lie at the surface and also penetrate a few inches into the wood.  

Coatings are the best deck sealers to use when covering flaws or unsightly scars on wood surfaces. They are available in varying densities and some are formulated to give solid color stains.

Water Based Deck Sealers

Water based deck sealers are easy to use and are commonly used at home. However, they do not last as long as they peal easily due to the film formed on the surface after an application. Water based sealers are easier to use for the novice.

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