Which Dryer Vent Cleaning Supplies You Need

Cleaning your dryer vent can be a complex task, and you may not always be able to find the right cleaning supplies for your exact need. It therefore makes sense to stockpile a range of dryer vent cleaning tools which can be placed close to hand for when you want them. You don't have to purchase every product on the market, but a good selection can help you to get the best from your dryer vent.

Cleaning Solutions

Buying the right cleaning solutions is vital. You don't want to purchase anything too harsh which has the potential to damage your vent. Select light liquid soaps, and avoid harsh scrubbing cleansers. You may also want to guard against buying products which contain alcohol or petroleum, as these can sometimes be ignited by the hot gases emerging from your vent.

Scrubbing Tools

A good dryer vent scrubbing tool will be able to reach inside the vent, and scrub away at the insides of the vent pipes. Pick something which can be easily inserted and extracted, and watch out for loose connections, as there is nothing worse than getting your scrubber stuck behind the vent. You may also want to set aside some clean dish rags which can be used to wipe down the vent.