Which Electric Drills Works Best on Drywall?

Using the proper electric drill for your drywall project is important for a smooth finish to your walls. You will need to use several types of electric drills. It can cause a bit of confusion when deciphering the correct one for your project. You will see terms such as electric rotary drill, electric hammer drill, and electric drill driver, corded and cordless. Taking a few things into consideration can help you decide which one is best for your drywall project.

Basic Rotary Drill

A basic electric rotary drill will do the trick for most installations of drywall. This drill is primarily designed for making holes. They are available with cordless battery operations and corded mains connection. Which electric rotary drill you choose for the project will depend on a few different considerations.

No matter how large or small your project, it is advisable to use an electric drill that you can handle easily. A cordless model will weigh more than a corded drill. Choose one with variable speed, and adjustable clutch. This allows for use with variable thickness of drywall. Test speed and clutch adjustment to ensure you do not drive the screw too far into the drywall.