Which Kinds of Wood Are Best for Log Furniture?

When you look to purchase log furniture you will be faced with many options that can be somewhat confusing. There are many kinds of log furniture styles around with even more customization options. You can choose the type of finish the log furniture has as well as if it is fully or partially peeled. One of the more important choices to make is what kind of wood was used to make the log furniture you are looking at. The article that follows will provide you with information on which wood is the best overall for log furniture.

Steam-Bent Hickory

Hickory is a very flexible and durable wood choice for log furniture. Green hickory saplings are used by many children to hang from. The young trees are able to be bent down with a lot of weight without snapping or breaking. This same durability is found in hickory when it is used to make log furniture. Steam is used to make hickory pliable. When hickory is heated with steam it can be bent into various shapes and then placed in various jigs to dry. When the jigs are removed the hickory poles will hold the shape. Hickory that has been bent using this method have been used as tools including axes and hammers. Hickory that has not been peeled is one of the top woods used to make log furniture. Amish craftsman have been using steam-bent hickory for decades for making dining room chairs, table legs, rocking chairs and coffee tables.

Northern White Cedar

This wood is primarily found in Canada and Northern Michigan and holds up to seasonal abuse from the elements. Northern white cedar does not readily break down or rot as other woods do. When it is milled shortly after cutting it develops a rich and beautiful light tan coloring. As it ages it will turn silvery-gray but with regular maintenance and a good stain it will maintain the same color as it was when milled. Log furniture made from northern white cedar will have cracks of various sizes but this is natural as the wood dries and adds to the look.

Aromatic Red Cedar

The interesting fact about the aromatic red cedar is that it is not actually a part of the cedar family. It is actually a juniper. Red cedar is a very pungent-smelling wood that is very heavy in nature which makes it great as log furniture. Besides being heavy, aromatic red cedar is also naturally resistant to rotting and decay as well as insects. The most common use for aromatic red cedar is to make closets and chests from it. Clothing and other fabrics that are stored in a red cedar closet or chest are protected from moths. Tight knots are a characteristic of aromatic red cedar which makes the wood stand out. Aromatic red cedar sometimes appears purple but is usually a soft brownish red. Over time the aromatic red cedar will become more brown. Log furniture made from this wood will last a long time.