Which Materiel is Best for Your Auto Blinds? Which Materiel is Best for Your Auto Blinds?

Auto blinds are great for keeping sunlight out of your car during very hot summers. These blinds can be installed to cover most windows in the car and have a number of benefits. The car will be kept cooler because extra shade can be created. There are different materials which can be used so you should consider each one carefully. Each material has a series of advantages which could make them the ideal blind for your car.


Fabric is a commonly-used and popular blind installed in autos. This is because it is very cheap and easy to handle. Fabric can be rolled up and secured or pulled up by using a small piece of string. Fabric is extremely light so it will not add a great deal of extra weight to the body of the car. It will also not collect heat, which is important during hot summers because fabric does not have a great capacity to retain heat that emits into the interior of the car. Fabric blinds and curtains are commonly pre-installed in many larger modern cars.


Plastic blinds are cheap, widely accessible and easy to install. You should be able to buy a set from any good motoring store during a hot summer. Plastic blinds will often clip into place above a window. They will use the handle above each door on the auto ceiling as a form of additional support. The only down side of many plastic auto blinds is the fact you either need to have them fully pulled up or fully wound down. Plastic blinds can also be easily repaired. Most sets of blinds allow you to unclip a piece of plastic and replace it in a short space of time.


Synthetic blinds will commonly be made from a man-made material such as leather or vinyl. They will be solid without any gaps in between, unlike a plastic blind. Most synthetic blinds can be easily installed. However, they are more expensive to buy because they have a double purpose and the materials used to make them are more expensive. Firstly, synthetic blinds completely block out all sunlight. This means there will be no gradual damage to the interior of a vehicle. Secondly, they provide added security. There is no way for someone on the outside to look into the car.


Cardboard blinds are the best way to keep your vehicle cool. They are light and very easy to adapt. Cardboard will not allow light to penetrate into a car. Most cardboard is very light in color and this means that light will be reflected away as opposed to being absorbed. This means no light or heat can enter the interior of your car. This is perfect is you want a cool car during extremely hot summer days. The only downside is that it's difficult to find a good set of pre-made cardboard auto blinds. It is a less common material and although it is cheap, many manufacturers of car blinds overlook cardboard as a material of choice.

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