Which Soil Amendments Are the Most Effective? Which Soil Amendments Are the Most Effective?

The main purpose of soil amendments is to improve the quality of the soil so that it will be ready for planting. These amendments are also called soil conditioners since they correct the soil structure and nutrients level. There is a wide variety of soil amendments which you can make use of, and each one is specifically created for a certain type of soil. The following are just some of these conditioners which are the most effective and how and when you should make use of them.

Top Soil

Top soil can even be found in commercial packages from any garden shop. This soil consists of a mixture of organic materials and non-decomposing elements like sand. Top soil, in fact, is ideal to cover bare areas in the lawn and for shrub areas to increase the soil on the spot. Furthermore, top soil is very easy to mix into the actual garden soil. It is important to follow the instructions on the soil bag in order to make the right formula for best results.

Dried Manure

Manure is often considered as a great fertilizer and a rather smelly one too. Once dried, the manure does not remain that smelly, and if worked into the soil, it will become a great soil conditioner since it contains nitrogen. The best way to apply the dried manure is by mixing it with the existing soil before you grow the lawn. After some time, you will clearly see that the lawn will maintain a vivid colour since it will have all the required nutrients in the soil.


Compost is one the most common and effective amendments that you can find. Moreover, compost can even be created in a house garden by means of a spinning composter. This way, all the kitchen debris can be recycled into rich compost for your lawn without you spending any money. As with the dried manure, compost must also be applied before the lawn starts growing since it can get burned.

Bone Meal

This organic conditioner is a rather slow-release one, and as the name implies, it is made up from a mixture of crushed bones. Bone meal will make a great amendment for a soil that lacks calcium, and although it works great on plants, this conditioner can also be used for lawns. Apart from the high level of calcium, bone meal is also rich in phosphorus.

Lava Sand

This powder is made up from crushed lava stones and usually, it has a reddish colour. Lava sand is a great amendment material particularly for lawns, and it can also be applied at any time of the year. This conditioner must be applied a rate of 20 pounds per 500 square feet, and it will surely help to keep moisture in the soil. You can either buy lava sand from a garden shop in commercial packed bags or any lava stone supplier.

Basically, these are the most effective soil conditioners that you can use for a lawn. Besides these amendments though, a fertilizer should also be applied, and it is better to contact a professional if you do not see any positive results.

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