Which Spiral Stair Kits is Best for You?

wooden spiral staircase with metal pole on wood ground

Spiral stair kits are a great idea to consider if you are looking to conserve space in your home. If you have a small budget in mind, there are a few spiral stair kits that would benefit you. Spiral stairs provide an elegant look that can get you from story to story in a home.

Spiral Stair Kits for the Small Budget

If you have a small budget, then you should consider getting a standard steel spiral stair kit. You can always add a little style to it by dressing it up with wood tread covers and adding a wood handrail. The kits come preassembled, and you can order them based on the dimensions of the staircase you want.

Forged Iron Spiral Staircase

A forged iron spiral staircase is not that expensive and offers a beautiful architectural structure to your room. The steel spiral staircase is offered with a steel handrail and can come with black, red oxide, or Drylac Powder Coat. Its 12 gauge steel construction makes it sturdy and provides a modern look. This type of spiral staircase is good for outdoor use.

small cabin space with metal spiral staircase

DECO Model Spiral Staircase

For a more recent look, the DECO model spiral staircase is constructed out of round tubes that bend into a helix's shape. You can choose to make the helix out of 3 to 7 lines of metal. This welded, one-piece spiral staircase comes ready to install and can be made out of smooth steel, checker bar grate, or wood covers.

Solid Wood Spiral Staircase

A solid wood spiral staircase provides you with a nice look if you don't want the look of a spiral staircase out of a kit. Wood staircases are ideal for indoor use, leading to the attic or down to the basement floor.

Spiral Stair Case Location

Depending on the location of your choosing's spiral staircase, it will depend on what kit to purchase. Whether you plan to install a spiral staircase out on your deck or patio or in your kitchen, you are sure to find the right one. For outdoor use, you want to consider purchasing an aluminum spiral staircase. You can purchase a spiral staircase coated with any color you desire. Another option for outdoor staircases is the galvanized steel staircases. These work well when they are placed in environments where the weather constantly changes.

Construction of a Spiral Staircase

A great advantage in purchasing a spiral staircase kit is that you can make the staircase as tall as you want it to be. In addition, you can choose what type of material to make the staircase out of. Types include hardwood, mahogany, and metals like steel and aluminum. When choosing a spiral stair kit, you can tell the company what materials you want, the dimensions of how high you want the staircase to be, and they will assemble it for you before they ship it to you. It is that simple and easy.