Which Squat Toilet? European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Options

Westerners traveling to Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe may be confronted by a squat toilet.

The most advanced squat toilets can be found in Japan, where you'll find glistening porcelain laid into a paneled floor and wall unit, with a tank affixed to the wall for flushing.

European, Japanese, and Middle Eastern

In Europe, squat toilets come in 2 varieties. The first, like the Japanese model, lies flat to the floor and often has treaded areas where you can securely plant your feet while you squat. A more precarious option is a pedestal squat toilet. These toilets not only look like a Western toilet without a seat, but they also feature wide treaded areas for your feet.

Middle Eastern toilets were developed first in Turkey. Middle Eastern squat toilets are similar to European toilets in that they lay flat on the floor.

Whatever option of toilet is presented to you, if you're a Westerner, you may need some practice before you try balancing on your feet in a squatted position.