Which Stone Works Best for Granite Showers?

Granite showers are the most preferred kind of shower place used in bathrooms. This is due to the fact that granite slab stones have solid surface, can be easily maintained and has an elegant look. There are a variety of granite stones from slip resistance, scratch resistance and easy cleaning stones for shower floors. Due to its density, it has the natural capability to withstand corrosion.

Shower Floor Granite

Honed or matte finish granite is the best stone for a granite shower floor. Honed granite stones work as a lower maintenance stone when compared to the polished ones. Polished granites can make the floor slippery (if lot of water remains on the floor) as it has a smooth surface. Unpolished or matte granites do not show any watermarks, soap stains or any other stains. It will not require frequent cleaning and can be easily maintained.

Shower Wall Granite

For the shower walls, polished granite tiles can be used. In order to avoid moisture deposits on the walls, the walls can be protected using a cement backer or hardy board with water resistance membrane. Sealing the polished granite tiles after installation is highly recommended to avoid mildew formation and water absorption. Polished granite tiles can be used for shower counter tops as well, along with the same sealing and water resistance membrane protection.