Which Tile Grout Color Is Best? Which Tile Grout Color Is Best?

When choosing a tile grout color it is probably best to choose either a contrasting color or a similar color to the tiles. Most people choose white grout for between the tiles to show off the color or pattern of the tiling job.


White is the classic choice for grouting between tiles. It can be very easily cleaned using bleach or recommended cleaner and washing the grout does not affect the surrounding tiles.


Some people like the idea of black grout, especially if they put up white or dove gray tiles. Black grout can contrast beautifully with lighter tiles for a contemporary look.


Red is not a common color of choice for grouting but it is not unheard of. People who want white tiles but a hint or touch or red might choose a red grout to sit tidily in with the white of the ceramics.


Again, blue is not a common choice but more common in bathrooms than kitchens. Some people might choose blue grout to compliment a blue tiling pattern, perhaps a darker blue grout for lighter tiles and vice versa. Do remember though, that any colored grout will not be as easy to clean as white and you may not be able to bleach it.

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