Whirlpool Tub: Understanding Types Of Jets Whirlpool Tub: Understanding Types Of Jets

A whirlpool tub can be fitted with several different types of jets that will adjust and redirect water flow to create a unique therapeutic experience.

Whirlpool Jets

Whirlpool jets are motorized to force the water to circulate in the tub. The general effect is almost like that of water going over cataracts. They create an irregular flow through the tub so that the water keeps moving.

Volcano Jets

Set in the bottom of the tub, volcano jets fire the water straight up. These jets are excellent for direct back massage.

Directional Jets

Directional jets can be aimed wherever water flow is wanted. Several directional jets aimed at a single point produce quite a powerful effect.

Adjustable Jets

These are useful to create an individual massage pattern. They can be turned on or off as well as being directed towards a point of your choice.

Power Massage Jets

Especially useful for treating the lower back, these jets produce a higher pressure to give a very strong massage.

Air Jets

Air jets introduce air into the tub that create a gentle, relaxing massage effect.

By having a combination of jets you can create an custom whirlpool bath that will target problem areas while providing general relaxation. 

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