Whirlpool Tubs: Different Shapes To Fit Your Bathroom Whirlpool Tubs: Different Shapes To Fit Your Bathroom

Whirlpool tub design includes many different tub shapes to fit different bathroom configuration and design styles.

Standard oblong

The standard oblong tub is the same shape as a standard bath tub but a little bit larger.


Oval shaped tubs are popular more for their shape than for any benefit the shape conveys. These tubs are seen as the top end for luxury and often come with a granite or marble surround.

Corner Tub

A corner tub sits in a corner attached to two walls. This puts the tub on a diagonal, allowing the corner tub to fit into smaller bathrooms.

Free Standing

These tubs can be fitted in the middle of a bathroom without being attached to a wall. Often, these tubs are made to look like antique ball and claw tubs.


Sunken tubs are set into the floor so you can just step down into them. To prevent falls, they are usually fitted with a non-slip surface. Keep in mind that sunken tubs can be hazardous to small children who may fall into them.

Three-Wall Alcove

These tubs are very popular because they can fit into a small room by being set against three walls.

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