Whistling Electric Kettle

A whistling electric kettle combines old-fashioned charm with a more modern approach to heating water for tea, instant coffee, cocoa or otherwise. Like all electric kettles, whistling models feature a self-contained, high-Watt heating element that works to bring the water to near boiling faster than on the stovetop. Unlike many models, however, a whistling kettle lets one know exactly when the water is ready by emitting a moderately loud whistle.

Features of an Electric Kettle

Electric tea kettles are made by many appliance makers, including Chef's Choice, KitchenAid, Breville and Krups. To prevent corrosion and make cleanup easy, the stainless steel heating element is concealed beneath the floor of the base. Cordless models have the advantage of easier filling and pouring since the cord is attached to the base, not the kettle itself. For added safety, an auto shutoff circuit kills the power when the water boils, while the boil-dry protection feature prevents damage from being done to either the heating element or the kettle. 

Whistling Indicator

Electric kettles that whistle when done provide a simple but effective indicator. As the water heats, steam begins to push its way out of the kettle. When it finally does, the kettle whistles, telling those awaiting hot water that it's tea time. Electric kettles generally cost between $50 and $150, with whistling models included in that price range.