White Bedroom Curtain Ideas White Bedroom Curtain Ideas

White bedroom curtains, in fact, white curtains for all areas of the home, are becoming more popular with professional designers and do-it-yourself decorators. There are many choices in fabric and styles to consider.

Think Simplistic

Generally speaking if you are planning to use white curtains you are also using a more simple, clutter-free look for your bedroom. With that thought in mind, you probably will want to keep the design of your curtains very basic to stay with this theme. Consider plain white cotton curtains in an easy-care wrinkle-free blend that just needs to be washed, dried and re-hung. Perhaps just two panels that meet in the center and fall from the rod to the windowsill.

Fabric Type

Depending upon which bedroom you are decorating, you have several good choices in fabric. For instance, a master suite may want more privacy and light filtering so you can enjoy sleeping late on your day off and a minimum of light coming in. A heavy white cotton or drapery fabric would be a better choice for this room. You may also want a fabric that is insulated if you live in an older home with casement windows that are drafty or if you are energy conscious.

If you are putting white curtains in a room that is more feminine, then you may want to consider fabrics such as organdy, plisse or light weight cotton with a feminine feel. For privacy add a roller blind or mini blind.

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