White Oak Flooring - Beautiful Hardwood

White oak flooring is a common hardwood flooring option, popular for its lovely color and durability. Natural white oak flooring is light brown color with hues of gray.

Distinguishing White Oak Floors from Red Oak Floors

There are two ways to distinguish red oak floors from white oak floors. White oak has longer rays, which are thin strips that run along the length of the board. They average around ¾ inch. The rays on red oak only tend to be around ½ inch. White oak also has more swirls and burls than red oak has.

Caring for White Oak Floors

Like all solid wood floors, white oak floors require more care than non-wood flooring. They are, however, one of the lowest maintenance hardwood floors available. They should be resealed once every 4 to 6 years. They should also be cleaned regularly using a mild soap.

Comparing White Oak to Red Oak

Red oak and white oak are both popular hardwood floor options that last a long time. The primary difference between the two is the hardness and porousness. White oak develops more slowly than red oak, so it is harder and less porous. This allows it to stand up to normal wear and tear more effectively than red oak. The main advantage to red oak is that it has a deep red hue to it. If you are planning to stain your hardwood floors anyway, however, then white oak is a superior option.