Choosing the Best Color for Your Shower Grout

tile shower with off white grout

Your choice of shower grout color makes a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom. Gone are the days when white grout was the prime choice for showers and bathrooms. Nowadays, grout is available in every shade imaginable. White or off-white are still quite popular color choices for grout in the bathroom; however, pure white has some definite disadvantages.

White Grout Is Difficult to Clean

The most obvious drawback to white grout is that it will get dirty in no time. It will show stains and will be difficult to keep clean. You may not be able to maintain the clear white shade at all once you start using the shower or bathroom. Off-white or gray grout is definitely a better choice.

Dark or Bright Colors Are Avoidable

You can choose from many different shades of colored grout. Avoid excessively dark or bright shades, because the grout will stand out more than the tiles.

A Dull, Matching Color Is the Best Choice

The perfect accompaniment to your tiles is colored grout that has a dull color tone. The key is to avoid heavily saturated colors, such as pure red, green, or blue.