White Perennial Flowers: 10 Fragrant Varieties

White perennial flowers can add a classic elegance to your garden. Simple and visually appealing, they can also provide a pleasing fragrance in a number of subtle varieties. Here are 10 fragrant white perennials to enhance your garden.

Sweet Smelling Flowers

Looking for a sweet smelling supplement to your perennial garden? Try these wonderfully fragranced varieties.

  1. The Sweet Woodruff, also known as Wild Baby’s Breath
  2. The Snowdrop Windflower
  3. Lily of the Valley
  4. White Coneflower (Fragrant Angel)
  5. White Hyssop

    For a late winter to early spring bloomer, try these vigorous options.
  6. White Phlox or White Crocus (known to bloom even through the snow) 
  7. Climbing White Jasmine

    For your perennial garden, why not add a few fragrant flowering shrubs in the background or borders of your yard?
  8. Fragrant Mist Flower
  9. The Fragrant Snowball (grows to about 8 – 10 feet tall with 5-6 inch clusters of white blooms)
  10. Gardenias

Fragrant perennials also attract butterflies and hummingbirds and that is an added bonus to your aromatic perennials. Remember when planting any fragrant perennial garden to vary your plant choice so you can have sweet smelling blooms in every season.