Whitewash Wood Furniture: 3 Ideas

If you are considering a whitewash wood look for any room of your house or for your patio, there are a few possibilities you can choose from. Whitewash can be painted on to give many specific types of looks and is a cheap way to give furniture a nice makeover.

Idea 1 - Use Whitewash on Your Garden Furniture

Lawn and garden furniture is easily damaged by water, sun and other elements all year long. Whitewash is an inexpensive way to keep it looking nice. Repaint your furniture once or twice a year and it will still look fairly new. It is also easy to remove with a little paint remover to give your furniture a fresh paint job.

Idea 2 - Give Your Furniture an Antique Look

An easy way to give your furniture some style is by whitewashing it and stripping off some of the paint. This will give your furniture a nice antique look that you can enjoy.

Idea 3 - Whitewash Used Furniture

If you have a piece of used furniture that has a lot of wear and tear, you may want to whitewash it to give it a better look. Just a few coats of whitewash can give your furniture a smooth and even look.