Whole House Dehumidifier: Pros and Cons

A whole house dehumidifier can be an effective tool in keeping your home's humidity levels in check. Before committing to purchasing one, however, you should be aware of the device's various pros and cons.


Unlike a portable dehumidifier, a whole house dehumidifier is able to dehumidify your entire home, as the device is linked directly to the house's heating and cooling systems. Although the method of control varies depending on the model and manufacturer, many whole house dehumidifiers can be operated with a remote control. So, if you live in a very humid area and are tired of dragging a portable dehumidifier everywhere you go, a whole house dehumidifier can offer you some much needed relief.


Hefty price tags are perhaps the key disadvantage associated with whole house dehumidifiers. If you're interested in buying one, be prepared to spend at least several thousand dollars. As most portable dehumidifiers cost between $20 and $100, it can often be more cost effective to simply purchase a portable model for every room of your house. Also, because these devices are linked directly to your home's heating and cooling system, don't be surprised to see an increase in your heating and cooling bill if your whole house dehumidifier is used excessively.