Whole House Fan Types: 4 Considerations

A whole house fan can dramatically lower the temperature in your house with only a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. Before purchasing a whole house fan, here are some things to consider:

  1. A whole house fan can be an energy efficient addition to your cooling system, working best on temperate days where they can circulate hot rising air out of the house and pull cooler air in.
  2. For this type of system to work, air must enter through open windows which may contribute to allergies for those sensitive to pollen and allergens. Though larger debris like insects are filtered out by the window screens, dust and pollen can still enter.
  3. Whole house fans can be quite noisy due to the large volume of air they handle and the speed of the fan blades. They most often have direct drive motors which spin the blades faster and create more noise than belt-driven fans. This noise may interfere with some normal household activities like watching television or conversation. However, many newer models are quieter and smaller than the older models.
  4. There are two options of whole house fans - ceiling mounted fans and ducted fans. The ceiling mounted variety is more popular and mounts the fan directly on the ceiling between the attic and the living space. The ducted fan is remotely mounted away from the ceiling and can exhaust heat from multiple locations. The ducted fan is much quieter than the ceiling mounted variety.

Check out your options and begin saving by installing one of these energy efficient fans in your home.