Whole House Humidifier: Pros and Cons

If your home is completely lacking in humidity, you may want to look into purchasing a whole house humidifier. Before committing to buy, however, you should educate yourself regarding the device's various pros and cons.


Although the installation process can be a bit tricky, whole house humidifiers are very easy to control and can typically be operated with a simple remote which may vary depending on the brand. These devices are linked directly to your furnace's blower system and your home's water supply, enabling it to effectively spray humid mist through any duct in your house. Because it is linked to your home's water supply, a whole house dehumidifier will not need to be manually filled with water like a portable humidifier.


As previously stated, these devices can be difficult to install for all but the most seasoned handyman. However, depending on who you purchase the device from, they may offer to have someone who's familiar with this type of humidifier come and install it for you. Also, a high end whole house humidifier can easily cost in excess of $4,000, so if you're looking to add humidity to your home on a budget, you may want to strongly consider whether or not a whole house humidifier is a necessary expenditure.