Wholesale Pet Supplies for Resale

If you have a large number of pets or buy supplies for a shelter or pet shop, then buying wholesale pet supplies might make sense for you. You might even consider buying some to resell. Especially if you are a shelter, reselling some of the pet supplies that you buy can help you to raise money to pay for some of the other expenses.

Minimum Requirements

One thing to keep in mind is that many wholesalers do have minimum purchasing requirements. Before you make a purchase, find out what these requirements are and only purchase what you can actually use. You might find it wise to talk to others and find someone to split the cost and the items with you. You might find some places that do not have minimum requirements, but they may charge a fee, such as a shopping club store. Depending on what you need, you may find this fee reasonable because you are purchasing at a significant discount that more than makes up for the membership fee. 

Purchaser Limits

When searching for wholesale pets supplies, another thing to watch for is limitations on who can buy products. Some places that offer the greatest discounts will only sell to qualified retailers. The wholesale price may only be available to purchasers that are offering the products for sale. In this situation the wholesaler will usually require a resale certificate and sometimes a current photo ID, such as a valid driver’s license.

Consider the Shipping

When placing your order with a wholesale pet supplier, even though you might pay a lower price for the items, pay attention to the price you are paying for the shipping. If you are paying an exorbitant price in shipping and handling fees, you may not be saving anything at all.

Choosing the Right Store

One of the best ways to find resources for wholesale pet supplies is to search the Internet. With some searching you will find the business that will suit your needs. There is a good chance that with an Internet search you will even be able to find a location close to home. If this is the case, think of how much you might be able to save on shipping costs! You can find some sites that will send you a free catalog allowing you the opportunity to place your order by phone. You may find that some sites will only charge handling fees or surcharges on shipments that weigh over a certain number of pounds. Searching online will help you find pet supplies including foods, pet collars, leashes and leads, bedding, cages, toys, carriers and sweaters. There are coats and sweaters, which can be personalized with names, favorite NBA or NFL sports teams. It is possible to find wholesale pet training supplies for hunting, obedience, bark control and so on. The list is endless!

When searching on the Internet, be wary of scams. There are plenty of reputable wholesalers available, but there are also many scams. Do your research and thoroughly check out each company before you trust them with any of your billing or personal information. Being thorough could save a lot of hassle in the future.