Why a Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker Is Necessary Why a Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker Is Necessary

A hose bib vacuum breaker is basically used to prevent water contamination. In a standard municipality, the water pressure within the system is consistently kept at a high pressure level so as to ensure free-flowing, clean water in the surrounding households and businesses. If a drop in the water pressure occurs, perhaps due to an emergency situation, such as frozen pipes, water main breaks or even water shortages due to high demand, this could potentially be a very dangerous situation. The low water pressure leaves the water supply susceptible to contamination, sometimes resulting in very severe consequences. In some cases, the effects of extreme water contamination can even be fatal.

Backflow Prevention

In order to address this hazardous problem, the use of what’s known as back-flow prevention devices are required by law in many countries and they must be installed to comply with building and plumbing codes.


A hose bib vacuum breaker, or HVB, is a type of backflow prevention device that prevents this kind of contamination by creating a gap between the localized faucet and the main municipal water supply. 

The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that local water suppliers keep to a certain standard of water purity and many U.S. municipalities have strict regulations and yearly inspections on HVB installations.

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