Why a Natural Stone Fireplace Radiates Heat Longer

Even though a natural stone fireplace may cost more upfront, they may be more cost effective than a man made stone fireplace in the long run.

Heat Retention

A natural stone fireplace will retain and radiate heat more efficiently than a man made stone fireplace will. Natural stone will absorb heat from the sun or any heat source, but it will not store it. So this means the stone will actually release the heat that has been absorbed back in to the environment it’s in. This translates in to a room that is warmer for longer.


Natural stone tends to outlast man made stone. It’s possible that the natural stone fireplace you build may even outlast your home. Very little repair will be needed for this type of fireplace, and the maintenance will be very low over the years. When natural stone dulls, it’s very simple to have it polished to regain its luster.

Unique Look

Since natural stone is multi-dimensional by nature, your natural stone fireplace will have a very unique looks. Stone is available in a variety of colors and textures, and you can experiment by combining different colors for different looks.

While natural stone may cost more upfront than man-made stone, the benefits are worth the additional cost.