Why a Vehicle Might Use Too Much Coolant

Coolant in a car.

The amount of coolant used by a vehicle is a good determinant of whether the vehicle has any leaking problems. To check on such problems, regular monitoring of the coolant level in the vehicle’s coolant reservoir is necessary.

Common Problems

Engine coolant.

Most vehicles will show a reduction in the original coolant level over time. This happens because of evaporation from the reservoir. Problematic situations may arise if there is a loss of too much coolant within a short time. This is often indicative of problems such as leaks, the inability of the radiator cap to hold pressure, or a highly heated cooling system.

Once you detect too much coolant loss, find out whether the above-mentioned problems exist in your vehicle. If after a detailed inspection, nothing has become evident, then you can suspect that the cause of too much coolant use by the vehicle is temporary overheating or long-term maintenance neglect.

Check Levels

Coolant added to an engine.

To determine the coolant level, check the reservoir and not the radiator of the vehicle. This is because the radiator will draw off the required coolant from the reservoir when the need arises.