Why an Ouboard Boat Motor is More Expensive

a boat tied to a dock with a sunset in the distance

If you are considering purchasing a boat, you might be amazed at the high cost of outboard boat motors. So why are these so expensive and are they really worth the extra cost?

Supply and Demand

Many people argue that a boat motor is actually very similar to a car motor. So why are outboard motors so much more expensive than car engines? Well the biggest reason is the supply and demand. Car motors are mass produced in their thousands and every one of them will be sold. Outboard motors are less common and so fewer of these will be sold. For this reason they will always be more expensive.

Marine Quality

Boat engines also have to be designed to cope with being submerged in water. This means that they have to be made from much more expensive materials to resist the corrosive effects of salt water.

Coast Guard Approval

Before a boat motor can be used it must also go through rigorous tests to make sure that it is safe, including approval from the Coast Guard.


Because boat motors are seen as luxury products manufacturers can get away with charging a premium for them. You don't actually need a boat motor, which drives up their price.