Why Babies Stare at Ceiling Fans

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If you have a baby, you may have already noticed that he or she is easily mesmerized by spinning ceiling fans. This is a very common occurrence with babies that are a few months old. It doesn't matter what type of ceiling fan you have. It can be an ugly, outdated fan or a new one. As long as it's moving and creates some sort of contrast against the ceiling, your baby will probably love it.

Why Ceiling Fans?

A ceiling fan.

Why are babies so fascinated by ceiling fans? It really has to do with the contrast and movement that the ceiling fan creates against the ceiling. When babies are very young, their eyesight has not developed enough to make out the same detail adults do in the everyday world. However, at this stage in their development, babies are quick to notice contrast and movement. Most ceiling fans are up against a white ceiling. This creates even more contrasting colors against a dark fan.

A Form of Entertainment

A ceiling fan.

If your baby is fascinated with your ceiling fan, don't fret. This is perfectly normal and can even be very convenient for parents. Many babies find hours of entertainment watching a ceiling fan, and often fall asleep to them. So use your ceiling fan to your benefit, and get some rest while your baby is entertained by this device.