Why Bother with a Two-Car Garage Door? Why Bother with a Two-Car Garage Door?

A two car garage door may be ideal for your home and save you money on installation and maintenance. Garage doors provide protection from theft as well as from natural elements, like wind, rain and snow. Two-car doors are usually between 16 and 20 feet long and 7 and 8 feet high.

Energy Efficiency

A two-car garage door is more energy efficient than having separate doors for each part of the garage. While a single motor may need to do more work to accommodate the comings and goings of two cars, it will still use less energy than 2 separate motors attached to individual doors. While it may not be incredibly significant, this may save on energy bills.

However, if the single motor breaks, both cars will be trapped and drivers will need to use a manual release to open the door.

Room to Move

A two-car garage door makes it easier for each car to pull into its spot. A separate door for each spot can make it harder to maneuver when pulling into the narrow parking spaces, especially if they are divided by part of the house foundation or accumulated items being stored in the garage.

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