Why Build a Faux Fireplace? Why Build a Faux Fireplace?

A faux fireplace brings the beauty of a fireplace to any room in a home or apartment. They offer options where real fireplaces are impractical. Even if a working fireplace is an option, there are plenty of reasons to build a faux fireplace.

Faux Fireplaces Provide Fire Without Heat

In warmer climates, a faux fireplace with candles gives the warm ambiance of a fireplace without the added heat of a wood fire. Even in cooler areas, where the warmth of a real fireplace might be appreciated in the depths of winter, a faux fireplace can be enjoyed year-round without concern for the cooling bills.

Faux Fireplaces Go Where a Real Fireplace Can't

Freestanding faux fireplaces are a great option for renters who can't install a working fireplace. Rooms without ventilation options can house a freestanding or built-in candelabra fireplace.

Faux Fireplaces are Less Expensive

Installing a working fireplace can cost thousands of dollars. A high quality prefabricated faux fireplace costs only a few hundred, or less if you build it yourself.

No Chopping and Hauling Firewood

Faux fireplaces get their flames from pillar candles or tea lights, which are much easier to find, haul and light than firewood.

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