Why Buy Tile Glaze?

A row of glazed tiles.

Tile glaze can be a great way to refresh and keep your tiles in good form. Here's why you might want to consider a tile glaze for your tiles.

Commercially Glazed Tile

Tile you purchase for use in your home is usually factory glazed. The glazing process uses high heat to thoroughly cover the tile, but produces a resulting tile that is water-resistant and doesn’t require sealing. These tiles are most often used in bathrooms, entryways, floors, backsplashes, bathtub surrounds, walls, and countertops.

Custom Tile

If you want to install the tile yourself, you can buy or make ceramic tiles and use a glaze on them. They will then need to be fired in a kiln in order to produce the hard finish that will give them the characteristics of glazed tiles. The advantages of custom tiles are that you can design the color and patterns that you want, and the look is very distinctive. On the downside, it is time-consuming to produce enough tile for even a small area.

Tile Glazes

There are products available that claim to re-glaze or refinish tile surfaces. While they may be a good option for people who dislike the color of their current tile, it is not technically a glaze.