Why Carpet Tile Is a Good Buy

When it comes to flooring in your home carpet tile is an excellent way to save money. When you are decorating, there are many different choices designed to work with your budget. One of these simple and cost effective ideas is using carpet tile instead of traditional carpet, laminate, wood or tile flooring.

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are square individual pieces of carpet that are designed to be laid out on your floor, much like traditional tile. There is a vast difference from carpet tile and traditional tile flooring when it comes to installation. You will not need adhesive, grout or any special tools; you will simply need to design a pattern and lay your carpet tiles according to that pattern. You can get carpet tiles in just about any form from easy to clean flat tread for higher traffic areas, to plush and soft carpet tiles for your living spaces.

What are the advantages of carpet tiles?

There are many advantages to using carpet tile. The first advantage is being able to order tiles in many different shapes and sizes. You can easily develop your own pattern, or fit these tiles into any floor plan. Another advantage to carpet tile is the easy replacement when staining or damage occurs. You simply pull out the single problem tile and replace it, or just clean it and put it right back in place. You will also never need to wait for a contractor to deliver your carpet tile; you can easily transport these tiles yourself. Finally if you are moving you can take your tiles from one home or apartment to the next.

Why is carpet tile a good buy?

Carpet tile is a great buy for those looking to save money by doing the work themselves. You won’t need to pay for costly installation or prep work. Professional installation is not needed. One of the biggest expenses when having carpet laid is the installation process. This is tedious work requiring many hours on bended knee stretching and kicking carpet. With carpet tiles there is no stretching or kicking, so you don’t have to pay for the labor costs associated with having carpet professionally installed.

You won’t have to replace an entire room of carpet because of one little stain, or suffer the expense of having your carpets professionally cleaned. In addition, you will also save on your utility bills each and every month. Carpet tiles provide greater insulation for your home than traditional carpet; therefore your house will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Carpet tile can initially cost more than a piece of traditional carpet, but you have to keep in mind that you will not be required to pay for any extras. There are no tools or materials needed to install your tiles, and you can do your installation on your own. Carpet tiles are a great buy for those looking to increase the value and comfort of their home with an easy do-it-yourself project.