Why Choose Saddle Stools for Your Bar

Saddle stools are a simple and nice-looking way to compliment your bar. Their simple design and variety of colors and styles is ideal to decorate any type of bar or kitchen. If you’re considering purchasing bar stools, you should think about all the benefits of choosing saddle stools for you bar.

Saddle Stools Are Easily Maintained

Because they have no backs, saddle stools are relatively easy to maintain. They generally come without upholstering, making their surfaces easy to maintain. There are virtually no creases or crevices where dust and crumbs can get stuck. If saddle stools are upholstered it is usually with vinyl, which is easily cleaned.

If you paint your saddle stools, they are easier to sand than other types of bar stools. With other bar stools you may need to remove the seat and reupholster and paint. Saddle stools don’t require this much maintenance, but they still last a long time.

Saddle Stools Fit Your Budget

Saddle stools can be found at less expensive prices than other types of bar stools. If you’re on a budget, saddle stools are the way to go. They are ideal for those in college or those who have an apartment and small budget.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, you can find more intricate saddle stools as well. They can be made out of more expensive types of wood. No matter what your budget, saddle stools are the ideal way to provide seating for your bar.

Their Height Provides More Space

Saddle stools don’t have a back, which means they can be stored under the bar or your kitchen table. They come in a variety of different heights, so you can find the right saddle stool for your bar, even if you have a customized bar you built yourself. This leaves more space to walk around and socialize while the stools aren’t in use. If you have an apartment or a small bar space, this will give you a lot of needed room.

Saddle Stools Can Look How You Want Them

You can purchase saddle stools in elegant and rich tones of wood. A dark set of saddle stools adds a touch of class to any room. You can also purchase unfinished saddle stools and paint them whatever color you choose. You can match them to the rest of your décor, such as walls, counters or tile.

They also leave room for some creativity. The “saddle” part of the stool can have a customized paint job to match the theme of your bar. If you have a fiesta themed bar room, you can paint sombreros or festive colors on the seat of the saddle stools. If you don’t want your bar room to look elegant, but you would rather have an unfinished look, you can apply a coat of paint to saddle stools and easily distress them to give them an antique finish.