Why Choose Wide Plank Flooring?

Wide plank flooring is a desirable option when you opt to install hardwood floors in your home. As opposed to the thinner alternative, wide plank wood flooring offers a broader surface that allows the natural grain to more distinctly stand out. If you have a choice, it is a beautiful addition to any home, and it comes in enough varieties to match with any interior décor.

There are both practical and aesthetic reasons why to choose wide plank hardwood flooring instead of the thinner type. Installation and price are among the practical reasons. The installation procedure is the same, but ultimately you are installing fewer pieces of hardwood flooring, making for an easier time. Price, as well, matters. You might think that wide plank flooring is more expensive, and depending on where you purchase it, it could be. However, since the square footage is the same, because you have to buy fewer pieces, you will spend no more than what you would for thinner planks of equal square footage.

Aesthetically, wide plank wood flooring creates a vibrant atmosphere in a room, coming in many types of wood, from oak to pine. It can be stained to match any room’s motif, and the width of the planks brings out the natural quality of the wood, grains, knots and color variation.