Why Choose Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors? Why Choose Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors?

When selecting a façade for your fireplace, consider wrought iron fireplace doors. Both functional and decorative, wrought iron doors are often the hand-crafted work of skilled artisans. Though they may cost more than other glass or brass doors, their unique aesthetics and durability make a smart and stylish feature for your home. 

Wrought iron possesses an old-world charm and quality unmatched by other materials. The doors usually come in basic black, though you may paint the iron to complement the décor of your living room. You may have to remove a coating designed to prevent oxidation, but painting is possible with a high temperature paint.

Wrought iron conducts heat, so a sustained proximity to fire will make it warm, even hot to the touch. With a melting point above 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, however, the doors are designed to withstand many long hours of use. Due to its density, wrought iron is heavier than brass and tempered glass, but the material is nearly indestructible and will last for years.

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