Why Do You Need a Crawl Space Moisture Barrier? Why Do You Need a Crawl Space Moisture Barrier?

A big problem in the crawl space is a high moisture level; this can cause smells, dry rot, mold and also promote the activities of insects, and one preventative is a crawl space moisture barrier. If you have an earthen crawl space, or one which is below the water line, then you will need a device to keep your space dry. The barrier will help to prevent moisture from penetrating into your crawl space.

How Moisture Barriers Work

A moisture barrier, also known as a vapor barrier, prevents water from traveling up from the soil, and from there onto the walls or ceilings of the crawl space. While the material stops moisture reaching the walls, it also encourages it to drain into the soil, so there is not a layer of water trapped just below your crawl space for long periods.

Types of Moisture Barrier

In order to keep the moisture from penetrating through to the surface of the crawl space, it is necessary to have a barrier around 2 inches thick. While some people choose to use a concrete floor as their barrier, others use a vapor liner, which keeps the moisture below a sheet of plastic. Choosing the right type of crawl space moisture barrier can save you time and money in mold cleaning and wood joist repair.

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