Why Does My Garage Door Motor Hum but Not Open the Door? Why Does My Garage Door Motor Hum but Not Open the Door?

When your garage door motor is malfunctioning, be careful when and if you close the door manually because if the door is too heavy, it could weigh down on the drive gear and cause some damage to it. To help you find out what’s causing the motor to break down, here are a few possible culprits:

Check the Chain

If your garage door makes a humming sound when it’s activated, but then nothing happens, one very common reason for that happening is a worn out drive gear. You can tell that this is the problem by checking to see if the chain moves at all. If it doesn’t move, then it’s most likely the drive gear that needs to be replaced.

Look for Binding

Another possible cause for the door not opening is that the rails are bound by an object somewhere. See if there is a screw or bolt that has come loose and is causing the rails get stuck.

Check the Sprocket

One other thing to look for is whether the sprocket inside the motor cabinet is broken. The sprocket moves the chain, and as it is plastic, it can sometimes break apart from too much wear and tear.

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